Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Foreign Affairs: Gettin' My Nose in Other People's Business

Before I start, I do not hate or want to see anything bad happen to the new American president. With that stated, I would like to shed some light on a subject that some might not know about. When I heard ,soon to be president, Obama flatly declare "The United States will not torture" I almost fell over laughing. Then I heard about Dennis Blair's nomination for the director of National Intelligence and this really made me skeptical about Obama's sworn oath.

Many people believe that Obama shut the practice down but he simply repositioned it. Since Vietnam and more recently the Bush era, US forces often tortured directly, but the torture regime's of Ford through Clinton has mainly done it's torture through proxy. Paying, arming, training, and guiding foreigners but usually being careful to keep Americans one step removed.

Example: East Timor, which Dennis Blair is connected with...

After a go-ahead from president Ford and Henry Kissinger the Indonesian military invaded East Timor.
"They killed a third of the population, the greatest proportional genocide since the Nazis. They established an occupation in which no one could speak, people could be dragged from their homes, tortured, and executed at any moment" - Nairn.
in 1999, Admiral Blair was given an order to stop the massacres but did the opposite. Instead, Admiral Blair offered new US military aid to assist General Wiranto.

This is the man that is running all 16 Intelligence offices in the US. I find Obama's promise hard to accept with the appointment of Dennis Blair.

If you want to read more, here are the articles I read.

Saturday January 24, 2009
"The torture ban that doesn't ban torture: Obama's rules keep it intact, and could even accord with an increase in US-sponsored torture worldwide"

January 06/07, 2009
" New Trouble for an Obama nominee: Admiral Dennis Blair aided perpetrators of 1999 church killings in East Timor"


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