Monday, February 23, 2009

and so we begin...

Alright, I thought it was time I became one of the sheep and created myself a blog.  I am not handy with computers.  Thus, if you are an individual that is seeking the latest and greatest in design pornography I am not your man.  Therefore, FUCK YOU, you do not belong here.  This space is going to be bare bones... only the essentials... content will range from things that shape who 0097087B is and what 0097087B produces in turn!  With that said, I named this page in honor of my hood and The Rolling Stones.  I like Winnipeg, the North End and The Rolling Stones.  If you don't... FUCK YOU... you don't belong here!

I leave you with a little inspiration that grabbed my interest today:

"Always be bad at something that you are passionate about.  By this, I really mean two things: always be a beginner at something, and always be in love with what you are beginning.  Why... The latter keeps a fire in your heart and soul, and the former keeps you grounded."
How to Keep Innovating - BusinessWeek

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